Breath – a simple word but when realized, sometimes feels so heavy.

Never forget, to breath is to live and to live is to breath. I can also relate “Breath” to as “Breath out your Worries”, “Breath out your Disappointments”, “Breath out your Negativity” and “Breath in your Passion”, “Breath in the Love”, “Breath in the Happiness”.

It’s not just to breath in and out in our lives, rather to live in and out in those moments and realizing while we breath, what it is for which we are breathing.

Realizing that you can Breath in whatever you want and this makes us what we are today. Breathing in love makes us lovable and breathing in hatred makes us paranoid.

Breathing is not just a biological term for oxygen and carbon dioxide as human body functions, but I believe that is emotionally, mentally and physically existing term as well.

There is much calmness as we see when a Breath of wind passes through the calm lake. The calmness in the breath of a person when he hold hands of the love of his life .           The calmness in the breath of a mother when she sees her new born child for the first time.

Breath is a natural phenomena but relates to our daily lives. Never forget breathing and never forget the importance of breathing in your life.